The Story of Lost in Austin

The Story of Lost in Austin by Guy

October 1979

We were preparing to sail from UK to the Caribbean on a 60’ schooner.  Owner of boat had a friend at A&M Records who gave us a bag of cassette tapes one of which was Marc Benno “Lost in Austin”. The rest nothing!!!  We spent 21 days and 21 star filled nights sailing, and every day the music of choice was “Lost in Austin”.

The fun lyrics and get up and dance music along with the reality and humor kept all 7 of us on a constant high, even in the storms and thru doldrums.  I carried and played that cassette tape for the next 10 years.  It did stretch and distort the cover title song until finally one day it broke.

For the next 10 years I searched for another copy.  A few times I contacted A&M direct and they told me there were no more tapes available.  I even tried to track down Marc Benno when I settled down in the states.  Without the availability of the internet I was fighting a losing battle and so missing that one album that played in my head all the time.

I let it go for a few years. In about 1999 I did an internet search one more time, and to my surprise there were 2 cd’s of “Lost in Austin” available from a company in Japan. I ordered them both at $42.00 each plus shipping. I was so excited, but didn’t say anything to anyone unless they didn’t arrive.  One copy for me and one copy for my old and dear friend Phil, my watch partner for that 21 day sail across the Atlantic.

When I received the cd’s it was a day of unbelievable relief. I could listen to my favorite album of all time. My buddy Phil thought I had performed a miracle.

Since owning this album I have shared it with so many people who have been as equally moved by the voice, the music and the soul of Marc Benno.

This feels very strange for me now as a 62 year old man, to try and express the meaning of one album and one Texan musician who has given me more pleasure listening to him than even the greatest Rock & Roll band in the world.  And now to find out that the only other love in my life, AAH works with the wife of my favorite musician in a small Hill Country town in Texas is all just so overwhelming.